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Should We Be Concerned? "Dual Use Of Artificial-Intelligence-Powered Drug Discovery" - Shocking AI Ability To Create Bioweapons Inventory Proven - 40.000 Lethal Molecules Discovered In 6 Hours
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"Transhumanistic Warfare"Truth, Science And Spirit, Ep 8 - Conversation with Elana Freeland
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My Interview with Alison Steinberg On OANN News On The Fluorescent Faces In C19 Injected And Hydrogel Brain Computer Interface
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Stop The Covid-19 Vaccination Genocide - Truth Action Project Forum Event With National ARM Board Members and New Grand Jury Petition Delivered In Georgia
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Fluorescent Orange Face Tattoo Under UV Light In C19 Vaccinated And Eye Of Horus Phenomenon - Are Humans Limbic Systems Being Altered For Behavior Modification?
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Changing Live Blood Analysis Findings In C19 Unvaccinated Blood
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Carnicom Institute

Clifford Carnicom has researched the phenomenon of bioengineering with nanotechnology and synthetic biology by investigating the phenomenon of Morgellons, which he renamed Cross Domain Bacteria (CDB). Clifford and I became research partners to investigate the correlations between the C19 nanotechnological weapons and CDB/Morgellons.

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Rumble Videos

On this channel interviews with many different interesting scientists are featured, bringing forward new scientific understandings of healing, medicine, science and the investigation of C19 bioweapons.

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Top Interviews

Evidence of Crimes Against Humanity - Darkfield Blood Microscopy

In this interview with SGT Report, Dr. Ana explains the evolution of information of nanotechnology and synthetic biology found initially in the C19 vials, then in human blood.

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Healing From Mind Control Through Love

Mindful Protection from Nanotechnological and Synthetic Biology Assault: Dr. Ana Mihalcea & CIA MK-ULTRA Survivor and Whistleblower Cathy O'Brien

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AI Exterminating Humans Through Synthetic Biology

Karen Kingston & Dr. Ana Mihalcea join Maria Zeee to expose their correlating findings that confirm our hypothesis regarding the transhumanist agenda.

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