Dr. Ana has used many of these supplements in her clinical practice for years. These constitute the supplements she recommends to patients for health maintenance and nanotechnology detoxification.

FlorAlive Flower Essences

The FlorAlive® flower essences act like “Liquid Software For The Mind™”, “overwriting” and removing defeating beliefs and memories of trauma from our unconscious mind. When these “inner weights” are removed from you, the door to astonishing new possibilities is opened wide.

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The Med Five System

MedFive is a patented formula and unmatched in its ability that may dissolve plaque from the body, safely and effectively. The enteric coated formula contains EDTA, Phosphatidylcholine, Alpha Lipoic Acid and Vitamin C. This combination allows not just the reversal of plaque, but also the removal of heavy metal toxins and the regeneration of the cell membrane from oxidative stress. Recommended by Dr Ana for ongoing detoxification from nanotechnology and synthetic biology.

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Spectrum Supplements

Use code 'AMM5' for 5% off. Spectrum Supplements, is an online supplier of vitamins and supplements for families with special needs children and people of all ages, serves as your One-Stop-Shop for high quality supplements from the best brands in the industry.

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Tennant Products

Tennant Products is a family-owned and operated nutraceutical company that provides only the highest quality ingredients on the planet to optimize health and healing.

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EZDtox Cream – Heavy Metal EDTA Detox

Use code: 'DrAna' for 10% off. Each level teaspoon contains 375 mg of pure EDTA and all-natural ingredients. This cream has been formulated to contain 9,000 mg EDTA (about 24 teaspoons per jar).

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MCS Formulas

Use the discount code: 'drmihalcea5' for 5% off. At MCS Formulas we aim to enhance and lengthen the lives of people in need through our products.

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